17,850,000 # rise
46,992,857 # engage
19,000,000 fees $(K)
13,000,000 fund $(K)

How is this possible?

Merchant Fees

Every time you use your credit or debit card the merchant pays a fee to the card issuer. The card you use determines who gets paid. This is a $100B+ industry. We're introducing a new debit card.

Fees Paid Anyway

You decide where these fees go by choosing which debit or credit card you use. No need to do anything but choose Rise or Engage as your debit card. Arranging for an automatic payroll deposit is the easiest.

Recycle Our $$$

The longer money stays in our community, the more it is able to do. Rise Debit Card provides incentives when you patronize our community and automatically contributes the fees you generate to the Recycle Fund every time you use your card. This is Community Empowerment. Rise card members may anonymously submit proposals to use the fund. Rise card members anonymously vote to allocate funds to proposals. This is Self-Determination.


Clients from outside our community may choose to use the Engage Debit Card for their general spending as well as use incentives to patronize our community; the fees generated automatically contribute to the Reparations Fund. All card members may anonymously submit proposals to use the fund. Only Rise card members anonymously vote to allocate funds to proposals. This is Self-Determination.


There is a story behind everything.

I've had this idea for over two decades. (That's about $469B in wasted opportunity .. I tried this before ... twice ... but the universe wasn't ready yet.)

It's so simple. Siphon off a little bit of what we spend and concentrate it to improve our situation. We have a system for funding our own community-run investment bank. No need to wait for a hedge fund, celebrity or corporation to feel for our circumstance; we have the means to do it ourselves.

This is as simple as choosing to use one debit card instead of another. Let's not complicate it or bring in the doubt or 'well if it were that easy someone would have done it'. It is that easy; you have a simple choice to make that you can share with your friends.

This is not charity. This is a for profit business. We are in the business of doing good for our community. I intend for my family to do well.

We often get angry and protest, then after some time it doesn't seem like a systematic change took place. Then it happens again. Some scraps on the table. Time passes. Then it happens again.

By design this is a leader-independent corporation since systems will be put in place that function independent of any one person; it will rely on our community and ancestors for guidance. Be a non-follower. This is a choice you make to contribute and to gain for yourself.

I'm not sure what I was waiting to happen; I really thought someone would have done this by now. Now I have a daughter, she wants to be president but 48 years later she must confront the same obstacles I did. I don't know what I was waiting to see happen. What are you waiting on? - Kawaida

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You Get Paid

  • Each fund will pay you to register members here.
  • The funds will pay you your portion of the merchant fees collected on a recurring basis, compensating the top performer more over time.
  • The portion of merchant fees collected to reward early adopters has not been determined.
  • Our budget is to provide about $1 per member signed per month for the first year.
  • So if you sign up a company with 200 employees that $200 per month for the first year.
  • Or, if you sign up an association with 1000 members that's $1000 per month for at least the first year.
  • You will vote to determine how further rewards are shared.
  • You will not be rewarded until the first quarter of operations.

  • What's In It For Me?


    Real Bank Account.

  • You get a routing number, checking account and savings account.
  • You get immediate access with a virtual card.
  • You get a linked account for each of your dependants.

  • No Cost To You.

  • You are not the source of our income.
  • Your use of Rise or Engage generates income.
  • So no overdraft fees, no load fees; no fees.
  • We operate solely from the merchant fees you direct to us.
  • And we automatically contribute to the community funds first then deduct operating expenses.
  • We lower costs by relying on you to spread the word organically.

  • Perks

  • When you use your card in our community you receive instant rebates depending on the merchant.
  • Incentives such as 'buy-one get-one free' will be available from most merchants. The more you use your card in our community the larger your rebates.

  • Privacy.

  • We do not use any means to track you here.
  • Our hosting provider does record ip addresses and browser reported information.
  • We do not use any cookies, pixels or other tracking methods.
  • This site (strongertogether.com) never sends you anything or asks for your information.
  • You must visit us to get an update.

  • Rise Anonymous Voters.

  • Being anonymous is important.
  • Everyone is equal.
  • Every idea is supported by its merits.
  • Everyone is free to vote without influence.
  • Anyone may temporarily or specifically delegate their vote to another anonymous party based on that party's declared intent and track record.

  • Exceptional Service.

  • Our priority is exceptional service to our card members as we travel this exciting journey.

  • How Will We Do This?

    As A Community.


  • When you register for one of our cards we do not collect any information from you.
  • You will recieve a digitally signed seal giving you priority access once the cards are issued.

  • Steps To Success.

  • In order to issue a debit card we must be a bank or partner with a bank.
  • The quickest way is to partner with a bank.
  • The larger our registration list the better terms and the more fees we can automatically contribute to the community funds.

  • Transparency.

    When you present your seal to us then you will have access to all non-privacy restricted data we generate.

  • Personally identifiable information is highly encrypted, never disclosed and never shared.
  • Transparency means you can verify that we do what we say so the benefits flow to our community regardless of who is at the helm.

  • Distributed.

    The information and intelligence that makes this run is never held in one place. In fact every user will have a directory of all anonymous members on their device.

    Open Source Software and Systems.

    We are welcome independent third parties to review our software and systems, so that our cardholders and the community know we do what we say and that their information is secure.

    Open Database of Community Resources.

    Our database of community partners and their participation in Rise / Engage will be fully accessible by card memebers.

  • This way you can see the progress we make in realtime.

  • Simple Documentation.

    Our Open Systems and Transparency are only effective if they are understandable. No fine print of rockect science degrees necessary.

    So Let's Rise

    Register here to get your card. Check back in a few weeks to see our progress.

    So Let's Engage

    Register here to get your card. Check back in a few weeks to see our progress.