The purpose of this site is to develop and share an alternate system of organizing our community that provides an alternative voice to the community.


The promise of democracy is to empower the people so we may rise up to challenge the aristocracy. Ostensibly so you have a say. How is that working out for us? Democracy in conjuction with capitalism has essentially concentrated effective power in the new aristocracy not too dissimilar from the old; one where the more highly educated, well connected and wealthy control and prosper. It's hard to imagine though, a system where the ignorant, recluse and void of resources has the same sway over matters as the knowledgeable, connected and enabled. Do we really want this kind of equality? Do you really want someone who knows nothing about an issue, having the deciding vote? Or, do we just want them to think they have some power when they vote? Democracy answers these questions. We develop alternative answers so that as in a free market system, we have choice when wanting a say.

To be effective in any system, you have to learn the system, work the system and apply your available resources to move through the system. Those that can not become marginalized, left behind and helpless. The system we develop is no different. To be prosperous in it you will have to spend time learning, sharing and investing in the system.

Democracy 2.0, continuous elections, temporary representation.

This system, let's call it Democracy 2 point oh, is government by the people or their elected representatives. Nothing new here.

  1. In 2.0, elections are continuous and representatives are specific, temporary and replaceable.
  2. Further, our representatives may address the same issue with different mandates and action plans so that even minority positions get implemented.
  3. Our representative (Reps) are the leaders, organizers and implementors of the action plan;
    1. Reps act on our behalf to handle the complexities and intricacies of the action plan.
    2. We must trust that once enabled to carry out the action plan, they will do so faithfully and
    3. accept that we have ultimate control over their participation through
      • our continuous confidence vote,
      • our ability to veto specifc plan steps
      • our authority to restrict or shutdown the flow of capital.
    4. Reps are visible, not anonymous.
    5. Reps are open, transparent and traceable, never secret.
    6. Reps vote anonymously to select and maintain a leader for the action plan.
  4. Also, voting is always at least on three levels;
    1. Supporting the action plan or removing support,
    2. Committed to following the action plan or withdrawing commitment,
    3. Engaging by funding the action plan or defunding the action plan.
  5. And finally, voting is open, transparent and traceable, never secret; identities are anonymous.

Democracy 2.0, Example.

Say for example, let's take a look at the health care issue.

  • Two anonymous action plans, A and B, are presented to address this issue and agree that 50% of pledged and committed resources will be divided based on the number of supporters. This is the redistribution. Each plan reveals the Reps and the leaders involved then specify what level of confidence vote, say 60%, triggers a reorganizing of the action team.
  • We have 50 million people with anonymous ids.
  • On Monday, 10 million people vote to support A and 5 million vote to support B.
  • On Tuesday, 2 million people who supported A now commit to B by pledging $100 each.
  • On Wednesday, 1 million poeple who committed to B now engage action plan A by sending their $100 to the action plan's account.
  • On Thursday, 2 million people who previously supported B, form a new action plan C and engage by sending $500 to plan C manager.
  • On Friday, 2 million people who supported A now commit to C by pledging $50 each.

So what we have are 3 plans, A, B and C.

  • Plan A has 6 million supporters and 1 million people who contributed $100 million. (This is the majority plan but with the least capital.)
  • Plan B has 2 million supporters and 2 million people pledging $200 million. (This is a minority plan with NO contributed capital.)
  • Plan C has 2 million people pledging $100 million and 2 million people who contributed $1 billion. (This is a minority plan with a disproportionate share of capital.)

So all plan managers may implement their plan where there is no sharing;

  • A, by using $100 million to support 7 million people,
  • B, by asking 2 million people to contribute their pledge of $200 million to support 4 million people,
  • and C, by asking 2 million people to contribute their pledge of $100 million and using $1.1 billion to support 4 million people.

So 15 million people are served, $1.1 billion contributed and $300 million pledged. Once After 50% redistribution based on supporters and assuming all pledges are contributed we have:

  • A by using $377 million to support 7 million people,
  • B by using $286 million to support 4 million people,
  • C by using $737 million to support 4 million people.

It is quite complicated to track such fluid results if you're doing it by hand. By computer it is child's play.

Noam Chomsky talking about the need to organize notes the following:

We are only as powerful as our alternatives. What systems can we create as an alternative to democracy?

10th Amendment

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

#RiggedSystem fears #TheCounted. A #LeaderLess revolution called #Collaboration . Stand up, be #StrongerTogether with #TheCounted.

The Movement.

Stand up and be counted anonymously. At TheCounted.org or any Stronger Together(tm) node, you empower change; you put everyone on notice. You are ready to act. You are now plugged into a secret anonymous club. How cool is that! You are ready to put action to words; not sheep.

Imagine the power of just a few million people pledging $27 focusing on solving one problem. For example the “Gun Rights” lobby in the United States so far spent $1,645,000 [1] for 2016. That’s about 61,000 people contributing $27. That’s 3,500,000 people contributing their 50 cents. (Maybe we should tax tweets.) We know you get this. A lot of small steps finishes the race. So why don’t we do it more often on a grand scale instead of waiting every 2 years or when a “crisis” happens. People have no problem figuring our how to donate to politics or a cause.

However, is the system rigged when it diverts at least 2.4 billion dollars [2] from we the people to select a “leader” instead of using some of that same money to directly address your concerns? Maybe we should pass a law that 50% of all campaign contributions must go to benefit apolitical efforts. Given that, how fast will big money dry up? No need to pass laws limiting campaign financing. The system would regulate itself and benefit itself.  Presently, the system is rigged like a run away freight train.  Full speed ahead even if in the wrong direction.

Yes, the system would rather you waste your efforts on failed outcomes.

Of course, it is important to select a leader to represent you in matters where you have little influence or concern. The favorites of course are issues such as our shared security or our  ability to protect ourselves.  Yet, maybe we can directly counter a lobby that underfunds our military. It is the nature of politicians to want to fight for you, to make you feel powerless, to make you feel helpless by making things seem too complicated necessitating their higher intelligence, experience and accomplishments or by invoking fear only they can vanquish. Often couched in hope yet producing hopelessness.

You have more influence than they want you to know.

Imagine if you pledged $27 [3] each month to address a cadre of community concerns. You make a pledge. You assign it to a budget. You implement.

Collectively each small step wins the race.

Imagine that we the people used a common system to directly prioritize concerns then address these concerns. Then, it would be within our grasps to fight for ourselves, be less dependent on government and take responsibility for our outcomes. Or would we the people, having the means to be stronger together, refuse to seize this? We have the money, we have the means and we have the talent. Is there a reason to sit back? Do you have to ask permission? Stand up!

[1] The gun rights lobby funding, https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/clientsum.php?id=D000000082&year=2016
[2] The amount out money spent in 2012 US Presidential election, https://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/
[3] Average campaign contribution to Bernie Sanders 2016 US democratic primary campaign, http://www.bustle.com/articles/155337-bernie-sanders-average-donation-might-not-be-exactly-what-he-says-it-is


Imagine that you want to contribute to improve your community.

  1. You may vote to elect people who promise to “typically” represent your best interests given all the forces pulling them in multiple directions;
  2. you may volunteer your time to causes that provide specific responses to a community issue, some not really addressing the root causes and settling for band-aids;
  3. you may protest to bring to the attention of your elected officials that you want something done;
  4. you may donate or invest your money to causes that provide specific responses to community issues;
  5. you may become vocal using media to make your ideas known so others may act or just think;
  6. you can take matters into your own hands to address the issues you see, directly.


#TheCounted is about taking matters into your own hands.

You take full responsibility by not passing the buck to an elected official or by protesting to ask someone else to fix your problem or by spending your time to further a perpetual cause or by cheaply talking about it. #TheCounted take action. Technology obsoletes the era of begging others to fix your problems.

#TheCounted are anonymous, motivated and organized.

#TheCounted develop consensus on specific action plans to address specific issues. #TheCounted implements plans by crowd funding them. It is #LeaderLess. Specific action plans are marshaled by individuals who pledge transparency and open-source implementation.


Just knowing how many people are willing to put their money behind specific actions will give voice to the masses who may individually not have the resources to influence decisions. A few million people pledging $27 can have a significant impact on the status quo. Now imagine $27 / month from a few million people.

Revolutions are not about talk; revolutions are about organizing then acting.

It doesn’t matter which side of the issue you support. Power comes from using the same system to solve problems. You anonymously help shape a plan, you pledge, commit then engage. When you engage, you may have to reveal your identity but your anonymous identity is never revealed.

Power comes in two forms. Regardless of which side of an issue you may stand if everyone knows that say 2 million people are ready to take action using their money to address the issue, then people directly involved will take note. Taking this further, if these 2 million people have concentrated their money in an institution, then this institution has leverage to address the issue. Further, the system is dynamic because when people change how they address an issue, it is immediately communicated to everyone. The system is fluid because people join or leave an issue at any time.

For example, #blue_lives_matter and #black_lives_matter are solutions that both address the issue #US#community-policing. Let’s say, #blue_lives_matter wants to do a public relations campaign costing $60 million. Let’s say #black_lives_matter wants to do a police training campaign costing $30 million. So maybe, 10 million people participate in this issue with 6 million people supporting #blue_lives_matter and 6 million people supporting #black_lives_matter. Anyone engaging the #blue_lives_matter solution pledges $10. Anyone engaging the #black_lives_matter solution pledges $5. Immediately, before implementing these solutions, all constituents realize that there is at least 90 million dollars, or dry powder, ready to address the problem. They take note.  This also means 90 million dollars will be taken out of the general financial system and concentrated in TheCounted Bank before it is deployed. The Counted Bank now has leverage to negotiate with other corporate citizens so they too can join TheCounted.

No need to ask the government to fix this issue.

When you pledge to move money into a common institution, TheCounted Banks, that is collectively owned, each time you spend money through merchants, TheCounted get their share of fees. This also removes this money from general circulation. The money we keep and the money we spend becomes the powder that sets the stage for our influence; regardless of which side of an issue you may stand. For example, if 50 million of TheCounted decide they are ready to act and move $200 to TheCounted  Banks, 10 billion dollars is not concentrated ready to be applied to issues. Further, if an average of $100 is transacted each month, TheCounted Banks earn, about 25 million dollars each month which be directed by consensus to the most important issues.

When you take action by generating consensus for proposals to finance actions you respond to community challenges. We encourage game-changing, widely applicable solutions. The systems supports many competing actions since being TheCounted does not obligate you to any specific positions. Being TheCounted means you are willing to combine your capital with others to take a common action. There is no need to look for a leader who will fight for you. We will fight for ourselves. We chart our own outcomes.

Once the consensus enables a proposal, you may commit any amount of money to the proposal so that the proposal organizers may implement it.

That’s it. A #LeaderLess revolution of #Collaboration by #TheCounted making us #StrongerTogether.

The Verbose.

I remember being so inspired as a 5 year-old engineer, watching man landing on the moon in 1969. One giant leap for mankind. Now, 48 years later, I wonder how things would be if the flag of every nation was planted in 1969.

My parents from that early time, insisted we needed to work twice as hard and be twice as diligent as the next child because the blackness of my skin would make things harder
to receive credit and easier to undermine accomplishments. Now, 48 years later, I wonder why I need to say the same thing to my 5 year old daughter. My parents knew the system was rigged; and we didn’t have any option but to play in the rigged system.

Now all of a sudden, a rigged system is trending. I am thankful people are waking up to reality even though it’s for political hay.

Look. The system is rigged. The game is rigged. All systems are rigged. People are just now getting this after hitting their heads against the wall a few times. Try doing this all your life, without a choice.

Heck, you jump on the scene, look around and everything is rigged. There are rules, laws, constitutions, customs and quid pro quos everywhere. Nobody ever asks you for your opinion or decision on these. And if you want to rebel what then? The rebellion is rigged too; you can rebel this way but not that. My daughter just jumped on the scene and I have already rigged how her life works; she doesn’t really get to input.

All these people talking about a rigged system. How did YOU get on the front page? Is that rigged? Why do we need leaders or spokespeople? Just because millions see you on television, is your voice more important? Why do we need people to fight for us and against whom? How rigged is that? Do we need “them” to tell us that the system is rigged? How did they come to stand before us? Is that rigged? Is your worldview rigged? Did you just pop on the scene and develop your own worldview? Is what you think or feel rigged? Or are these rigged by the rigged systems in which we find ourselves? Rigged religion? Rigged politics? Rigged economics? Rigged education? Rigged culture? Rigged conflict? How rigged is it that you are now reading this? How rigged is it that I’m speaking to you?

Rigged means you didn’t or couldn’t participate or were led to believe that you did participate when you actually didn’t, in setting up the game or aspects of the game. Rigging is reality, get over it, suck it up. Work twice as hard and be twice as diligent.

Your Options.

When you recognize a rigged system, as I’m sure my daughter as a teenager will soon discover, you really only have three options. You can live with the rigging. That is conform. Essentially, you appreciate and honor those who came before you to rig the system by abiding by their rigging.

Two, you can change the system from within. Be an agent-for-change. So essentially honoring the spirit of your ancestors but striving for something you can be proud of rigging your way. A more perfect union perhaps. Reinterpret their words to mask their inadequacies and respecting what they should have intend and put to words.

Finally, you can build your own system. Burn it down, exit or abandon and only take the rigging you like to start afresh, if any at all. Be a disruptor, a revolutionary. All is well and good until the next group realizes you rigged the system for yourself and we start the cycle again. There is no status-quo.

Beautiful, something to keep us busy until we die. For all your efforts to rig the system, you will die and pass the rigging baton. I will die and my daughter will be free of my rigging eventually, hopefully.

One of the markers of a rigged system, the binary choice. You have money or you don’t. You are democrat or republican. You are conservative or liberal. You are white or black. A rigged system must be able to distinguish its players. And this divide and conquer rigging gives you a clue as to what the game finds important; a simple worldview so those who want to control everything, you know them, can rig things in their favor. Funny. No rigging exists to distinguish between happy and jubilant. No rigging based on stability and content-ness . No rigging based on love. The purpose of rigging is control. This is what my daughter knows but cannot yet articulate.

So let’s rebel against the establishment, the game. Our revolutionaries du-jour want us to mind our place in a rigged anti-establishment movement. These leaders simply want us to accept tenets of their new rigged system. Our direct participation is not required while they feign that we are indeed participating. We are part of a movement to fix the rigging! Somehow in their rigging they become our voice, we fade to black, irrespective of the non-sequitur they impose. Situation normal, snafu. Welcome to the rigging cycle.

A Response.

The nemesis of rigging is collaboration. The more people participate the less likely is it for one person or group to rig the system in their favor. For millennia , that’s thousands of years, the might-is-right rigging has forced rigging on nations of people. The might-is-right glorifies violence in their hands and then feels pain when used against their rigging.

Right-is-Might is oblivious to the notion that some people will not conform, will not be agents-for-change but will build their own system in which the status-quo will not participate. This rebel system is rigged against status-quo and may even glorify the same might-is-right rigging you cherish reeking havoc on your status-quo. If only you participated in theirs and they in yours. Then, the rigging would serve all at least until we die. Then it reboots. Change is reality.

Fanya, means to do. Talk is cheap. So if we are really concerned about rigging, what do we do?


Don’t accept anything you hear or read without thinking deeply about whether or not it makes sense to you. Even this. Even if you, some years later, find these texts in a document handed to some child with a preface from god.

Please think deeply. Please speak good. Please fanya with right purpose.

The Endgame.

The goal here is not to conform. Never. Let’s advocate a leaderless revolution to form a more inclusive rigging of agents-for-change and disruptors. Why leaderless? With a leader, there is a benefit to manipulating people into supporting the leader’s rigging. Doubt can be a weapon. This revolution must not have a leader or spokesperson. There is no leader to corrupt, to attack or to compromise. No spokesperson to re-interpret. Anonymous voices become clear.

Revolutions of the past did not have access to the technology of the present. The best those could do was envision what the technology of the time allowed. We are fortunate, to have the stability and tools of this era to forge a new revolution harnessing technology to seed change.

The revolution, means rapid change. To achieve rapid, meaningful change, it is important to invest in the system while at the same time invest in a new system; an agent-for-change by day and a disruptor by night.

The revolution, the Movement, must be anonymous, transparent, distributed, self-organizing, self-replicating, self-healing and borderless. You can be a part of it but no one needs to know. All eyes can see what the Movement does. All source-code is open. You move quietly through the night, carry a big stick and implement a shared strategy. Without a leader, control is distributed to each individual. Self-organizing allows the revolution to morph on demand to address each threat or opportunity. Self-replicating, means the revolution is able to share its benefits quickly. Self-healing, the revolution reorganizes taking into account its failures. Borderless because it is an inalienable right for people to organize along common interests.

This revolution is about doing, not about asking. This revolution is about doing, not about finding someone to fight for us. Stop looking around for help; roll up your sleeves, break out the shovels. Work twice as hard, be twice as diligent.

The Technical.

The rigging in your mind probably says “pie in the sky” and prevents you from thinking such is possible. The rigging tells you that you must have a leader who represents you; or a good part of you. Some are made to feel incomplete without a leader, a ceo or a pastor. The rigging tells you that you can’t join forces with someone unless you share the same point of view. Rigging wants you to forget that agreeing on one topic is progress while accepting that it’s ok to disagree on another. This I’m always right mentality is a part of the rigging. You see the rigging in place now is really pervasive. How can we possibly overcome this?


  • Zero. The Movement: Respect others, Deep thought, good speech, right action.
  • One. Be counted.
  • Two. Concentrate money.
  • Three. Effect Change.

Wait a minute. What’s with this money focus? It is certain that money will not solve every community issue. Money is a common denominator of the status-quo. Money is currently how most systems operate and what ultimately is valued. Of course, as we evolve we will concentrate other resources such as know-how and time. For now, money is our laser focus. Money provides hands to words.

This is going to get technical so maybe its better to look at the overview. TheCounted create proposals to solve problems backed by the economic power of TheCounted.

So for example, say you want to help improve community-based policing to reduce the number of unarmed suspects killed by police. With about 18,000 police departments in the United States, and an average budget of $500,000 per department, granted based on size, The Counted could implement a community based training program at a cost of $9 billion dollars per year. With 50 million Counted that is $15 / month per Counted. TheCounted can put their money where their goals live. Even more progressively, TheCounted could invest $18 billion dollars in 36,000 small businesses with 50% return. This in turn finances 18,000 police department programs perpetually. The cost, $30 per month per Counted for one year. Further it creates a co-dependency that tends to align goals of the community and the police. No mass demonstrations required.

Or for example, say you want to improve the education standards or homeless shelter opportunities in a community by sponsoring services providers to take part ownership of community small businesses. So as education improves, small businesses improve and vice versa. In 18,000 communities, The Counted could provide a fund to finance the ownership of 100 small businesses. TheCounted Fund provides 25% of purchase price, the service provider provides 25%, the small business owner carries a note for 50%. With an average purchase price of $250,000, The Counted fund provides $62,500 per business. With 50 million Counted committing $187.50 / month for one year, this becomes reality. Further, this creates a co-dependency that tends to align the goals of the community and small business.

We just need 50 million Counted which is an easy feat in the digital app age. Realistically we will need 250 million following the 80/20 rule but in time this is attainable. Excuse me. Hello? Hi Thomas. I know it sounds ambitions but it is indeed possible. Why not give it a try? There is no harm done if we fail. You are totally anonymous. So let’s take a stand.

But wait shouldn’t the government do this? What is revolutionary here is that The Counted can lead the government. We are not relying on the government. What if the government matches these Counted initiatives? Power to the people?

Do This.

One. Be counted. The rigged system respects numbers. Imagine if 50 million people are counted in 3 months. The counting system must be
a) distributed over many devices, Nodes, on the Internet,
i) the organizers of each Node will receive a share of revenue generated from the next phase as an incentive in proportion to their Counted,
b) be encrypted such that only TheCounted are able to reveal their identities,
i) The Counted provide, a package of information such as sms access, name and email access encrypted with The Counted’s public cryptographic key. Therefore, only The Counted with the corresponding private cryptographic key may view the information.
ii) The package is encrypted by the public cryptographic key of the Movement. Therefore, only Nodes with the corresponding private cryptographic key may view the contents.
c) provide access to The Counted exclusive communications when the Counted presents a package that may be decrypted using the Node’s private cryptographic key.

Two. Concentrate Money. Imagine The Counted keeping an average of $200 in a debit account in institutions owned by The Counted. This gives effective static power of $10 billion.
a) As The Counted use their debit cards, revenue is generated from merchants. A portion of this revenue compensates Nodes and the majority is retained for collective action.
b) The Movement will typically retain 0.5% of transaction volumes and will typically distribute 0.5% of transaction volumes to Node organizers. With $10 billion volume, about $50 million each month is available to the Movement and $50 million will compensate Node organizers.

Three. Effect Change. Imagine that The Counted develop a consensus system where
a) each Counted is able to present an idea,
b) each Counted is able to vote on an idea or,
c) on a per idea basis, assign another Counted to vote on their behalf,
d) each Counted may combine votes of competing ideas on one idea,
e) the top tier of competing ideas are implemented in proportion to the Counted vote. Therefore, for example, the top 3 proposals with the most votes, will be implemented by allocating that proportion of the Movement money to an idea.
f) each Counted may contribute their own money to any idea


  • StrongerTogether.com is the Genesis Node for the Movement.
  • TheCounted.Org is the first Node in an effort to count 50 million people. When you are counted you can also join the effort to count 50 million people.
  • Take The 99 Counted Challenge, StrongerTogether.com/99challenge. Challenge a friend. Your friend must Count 99 people in order to receive an exclusive badge.
  • VerifyCertain.Com automated service to positively and securely verify hsh and gid to person.


A tool for the everyday citizen. This is an extremely naive and optimistic view. That people will organize by taking a few simple steps and collaborate to solve common problems by each taking small well-defined actions. Always an optimist, let’s see. Imagine a revolution of collaboration. Stand up, be the counted it doesn’t hurt.


Kawaida Seer-Sekou
Uhuru J. Amaa
Stronger Together(tm).
The official sponsor of Greatness.(sm)